A "Classic" CSA Box: full of flavor and nutrition!

Producer: Doce Lume Farm

Category: Fruit & Produce

6/22-9/21/2023 (Weekly on Thursday) Harvested day of delivery and packed in a 1/2 bushel waxed box: greens, root crops, onions, garlic and their kin, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumbers, corn on the cob, beans, sweet potatoes, fingerling potatoes, cabbage, micro-greens, thyme, basil oregano, rosemary, winter savory, parsley, cilantro, lovage, mint, sorrell, and more. Check out add ons!


Beyond Organic Herbicide Free Local Pesticide Free Sustainable Practices Vegetarian

Available At These Locations

The Mill (home of the Skaneateles Brewery and Last Shot Distillery)


$425.00 per 14 weeks
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$310.00 per 10 weeks
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