Fresh, Local and Good for the Lake


Doce Lume Farm offers this online marketplace to serve the Skaneateles community by providing delicious locally grown organic food to families in a safe manner. We’ve added native perennial plants to the market as they serve essential ecological functions and are so very gorgeous for our gardens and lawn conversions!

This site is set up so that other growers/producers may participate and list their inventory.  As we are able to manage it, we intend to build this marketplace with local producers’ foods, such as jams, breads, butter, yogurt, cheeses, breads and locally roasted coffee.  


This online market currently sells produce and goods from:

  • Doce Lume Farm (DLF) For information go to: Market Manager
  • Go Native! perennials. (GNP) For information go to:
  • October Rose Farm is a local, family-owned and operated farm specializing in pastured poultry, including broilers (meat-type chickens) and free-range laying hens.  Owners Brian and Susan Underwood have been raising chickens on pasture for more than twenty years.  Traditional pasturing is ecologically sustainable, humane, and produces the tastiest, most nutritious meat, poultry and eggs.  October Rose Farm animals are raised without medications including antibiotics, are never crowded and are allowed to forage naturally.  Broiler chickens are processed humanely on the farm according to state and federal regulations. The Underwoods are committed to growing and raising clean, wholesome and delicious foods for your family. Learn more about October Rose Farm here: (
  • Rooted Shares - Rooted Truffles - Bee Attitudes Honey, conceived in Provence, France, has grown into a 5-acre orchard of Hazelnut trees hosting Burgundy Truffles, bountiful Honey Bees yielding nature's best honey and bountiful beds providing currants, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and amazing heirloom vegetables.  Learn more about Rooted Shares here:


If building a local food system is your passion and you have energy to dedicate to it, please get in touch:  Janice (240) 626 5209