Growing for Skan online marketplace is open to buy your 2021 CSA Membership

The online marketplace is open to buy your 2021 CSA Membership, free delivery to Skaneateles addresses, farm tour and market credit. Read about it here: Contact us for more information: Purchases can be made Friday - Wednesday here.

In the 2021 CSA: cucumbers, summer and winter squash, radishes, mixed greens, beets, swiss chard, kale, spinach, varieties of tomatoes, onions, garlic, garlic scapes, shallots, green, purple and yellow beans, cabbage, peas, italian and japanese eggplant, carrots, 6-8 varieties of peppers, thyme, oregano, basil, cilantro, parsley, dill, sage, marjoram, mint, fennel. Missing anything? Let us know by taking this short 5-question survey:

Starting late May the marketplace will be open for native perennial plants and whatever is ready in the garden. Until then, give some thought to landscaping with native perennials and get in touch with us about it:
(240) 626-5209 /

Enjoy your winter!

Food System Reform and It's Relevance to Our Health

Check out these interesting studies.

The Power of the Plate from Rodale Institute, covering the intertwined roles of agriculture and healthcare

Follow this link to Rodale Institute's site to learn out more about the relationship between recovering from Covid-19 and reforming our food system: read more...

New Research Further Proves Native Plants Offer More Bugs for Birds

According to this research study native trees, especially oaks, host the bulk of the Carolina Chickadee’s insect-intensive diet.

"It's a basic idea, but it makes a whole lot of sense: Native plants are better for native birds than introduced flora. More specifically, because these trees and shrubs have evolved with the local wildlife, they harbor more insects or yield more berries and fruit than non-native plants, providing greater amounts of food for certain critters. This seemingly obvious idea has been buttressed by years of research by Doug Tallamy, whose published work has shown that these plants host many more caterpillars, and that yards with more native vegetation host more native-bird species." Read the entire article on the Audubon website:

Find your bird friendly plants here:

From 1" plug to large hedges - in one year!

These plants were planted in July 2019, and now are hedges. They can be cut back and tamed, or not. read more...

New native plants for your garden!

We are growing hundreds of plants for you to make lovely and protective gardens - for our lake, drinking water, wildlife and for our own quality of life! read more...